Education - Communicative Disorders and Sciences, Department of


EDAU 115: Introductory Hearing Science
EDAU 116: Audiology for Speech-Language Therapists
EDAU 170: Audiology I
EDAU 172: Introduction to Principles of Aural Rehabilitation
EDAU 177: Practicum in Audiology
EDAU 180: Individual Studies
EDAU 257: Seminar in Audiology
EDAU 273: Aural Rehabilitation
EDAU 277: Advanced Practicum in Aural Rehabilitation
EDAU 298: Special Studies

Speech Pathology

EDSP 102: Language Development in Children
EDSP 110: Resources for Human Communication Disorders
EDSP 111: Introduction to Phonetics
EDSP 112: Principles of Assessment and Treatment in Communicative Disorders
EDSP 113: Speech Science
EDSP 120: Communicative Disorders in Children
EDSP 124: Assessment in Speech Pathology
EDSP 161: Normal Processes of Speech, Language and Hearing
EDSP 162: Communicative Disorders in Adults
EDSP 176: Guided Professional Clinical Observations
EDSP 177: Practicum in Speech Pathology
EDSP 180: Individual Studies
EDSP 221: Research Seminar in Communicative Disorders
EDSP 222: School Age Language, Literacy, and Social Comm.
EDSP 250: Seminar in Voice Disorders
EDSP 251: Seminar in Phonological Disorders
EDSP 252: Seminar Fluency Disorders
EDSP 254: Seminar in Neurological Disorders
EDSP 255: Seminar in Motor Speech Disorders
EDSP 259: Seminar in Language Disorders in Children
EDSP 260: Seminar in Dysphagia
EDSP 262: Speech and Language in a Cross-Cultural Society
EDSP 264: Contemporary Professional Issues
EDSP 265: Seminar in Cognitive Disorders
EDSP 269: Field Experience in Public Schools - Speech Pathology and Audiology
EDSP 276: Practicum in Advanced Assessment
EDSP 277: Advanced Practicum-Speech Pathology
EDSP 278: Clinical Management and Practicum
EDSP 288: Seminar in AAC and Communication Disorders
EDSP 298: Special Studies
EDSP 299: Master's Thesis