Spartan Pathways

Spartan Pathways is a university commitment to provide access to communities characterized by low socioeconomic status and historically low rates of college attendance. CSU eligible applicants, who did not meet the major-specific impaction threshold to the university, are eligible to apply for the Spartan Pathways program. These individuals will receive information about participation in the message posted to their MySJSU student account at the time of admission withdrawal for impaction.

To be considered for the program, interested applicants must submit a complete Spartan Pathways packet with all of the required information. The Spartan Pathways application is sent to those applicants that contact the Office of Admissions.

Initially, a minimum of 100 enrollment spaces will be allotted to Spartan Pathways for local applicants, with the distribution between freshmen and transfer applicants anticipated to be roughly equal but dependent on the applicant pool. Pending university capacity, more than 100 enrollment slots may be provided to local Spartan Pathway applicants. Non-local applicants may apply for consideration via the Spartan Pathway program, but will not be included in the slots allocated for local applicants. Students admitted through Spartan Pathways will be assigned to undeclared as their major.

Applicants to Spartan Pathways will be encouraged to submit applications, a personal essay, and letters of recommendation for holistic review for admission consideration. Admission criteria for applicants will include community involvement, leadership, overcoming significant hardship, and potential for degree completion.

The Spartan Pathways application and materials will be reviewed by the undergraduate Admissions staff under the supervision of the Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach.

Depending on campus capacity, the number of enrollment spaces filled by applicants to the Spartan Pathways program may be increased when possible.