After You Apply

Step 1. Acknowledgement

When you apply via Cal State Apply, you will immediately see a message from SJSU acknowledging your application and outlining the next steps. Included in this information is an CAS identification number. Print and save this information for your records.

Step 2. Look for an email with your SJSU ID

Five to seven business days after applying at Cal State Apply, you will receive an email with your nine-digit SJSU ID included. This nine-digit number will be your primary SJSU identification throughout your career at SJSU. Losing this number is a hassle, so put it in a safe, but obvious place. Make sure the spam filters on your email account are set to accept email from You don't want to miss this email.

Step 3. Set the password to access your SJSUOne wireless account on campus and your MySJSU student account

Go to and enter the nine-digit SJSU ID you received in Step 2.

Choose one of the two options listed to set your password for the first time. This same process will also allow you to reset your password.

Step 4. Sign in to your MySJSU student account at

SJSU communicates almost entirely by messages and 'to-do' items posted to your MySJSU account.

Click on the blue "MySJSU Sign In" button and enter your nine-digit SJSU ID and the password you created in Step 3.

Make sure your personal information is up to date - your email address is critical!

Confirm your email address and update if necessary. Be sure to set your filters to accept messages from the domain.

Step 5. Check your MySJSU account

MySJSU is the main method of communication used throughout the application process and throughout your time as an enrolled student. Check your MySJSU account at least once a week for important and timely notices, such as admission, fees, financial aid, enrollment appointment, test and transcript information and deadlines.

You are responsible for monitoring your progress at MySJSU and you must take action by posted deadlines! Failure to do so will result in your application being withdrawn.

Step 6. Notification of Admission Decision

Admitted students receive an email notification that they have met the basic requirements for admission.

Freshmen and transfer applicants will be notified of SJSU's admission decision via their MySJSU student account. Fall applicants will be notified in late February, and spring applicants will be notified in October. Applicants will also receive a hard-copy admission packet that will be sent to their primary home address.

Students denied admission receive notification via their MySJSU accounts.