BUS2 090Bus Statisticss02MW0900 1015
BUS2 090Bus Statisticss03MW1200 1315
BUS2 090Bus Statisticss04TR1030 1145
BUS2 090Bus Statisticss05TR1500 1615
BUS2 090Bus Statisticss07W1800 2045
BUS2 090Bus Statisticss80TBATBA
BUS2 090Bus Statisticss81TBATBA
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings01MW1330 1445
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings02MW1330 1445
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings03MW1500 1615
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings04MW1500 1615
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings05TR0900 1015
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings06TR1030 1145
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings07TR1330 1445
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings08TR1500 1615
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings09TR1500 1615
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings10TR1630 1745
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings11R1800 2045
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings80TBATBA
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings81TBATBA
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings82TBATBA
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings83TBATBA
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings84TBATBA
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings85TBATBA
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings86TBATBA
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings87TBATBA
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings88TBATBA
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings89TBATBA
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings90TBATBA
BUS2 130Intro to Marketings91TBATBA
BUS2 131ABus-to-Bus Mktgs01TR0900 1015
BUS2 131DMkt in New Ventures01MW0900 1015
BUS2 131DMkt in New Ventures03W1800 2045
BUS2 133AInterntl Marketings01MW1030 1145
BUS2 133AInterntl Marketings02MW1200 1315
BUS2 133AInterntl Marketings03TR1330 1445
BUS2 133CInt Mktg: Dev Nats01W1800 2045
BUS2 134AConsumer Behaviors01TR1030 1145
BUS2 134AConsumer Behaviors02TR1200 1315
BUS2 134AConsumer Behaviors80TBATBA
BUS2 134AConsumer Behaviors81TBATBA
BUS2 134BMarketing Coms01MW0900 1015
BUS2 134BMarketing Coms02MW1030 1145
BUS2 134BMarketing Coms03TR1200 1315
BUS2 134BMarketing Coms04TR1330 1445
BUS2 134CSMMs01MW1030 1145
BUS2 134CSMMs02MW1200 1315
BUS2 135Sales Managements01T1800 2045
BUS2 136Product Developmens01MW1030 1145
BUS2 137ASoft Skillss80TBATBA
BUS2 137ASoft Skillss81TBATBA
BUS2 137HMkt Honors Practics01M1800 2045
BUS2 137SMkt Special Topicss81TBATBA
BUS2 138Mktg Researchs01TR0900 1015
BUS2 138Mktg Researchs02TR1030 1145
BUS2 138Mktg Researchs03W1500 1745
BUS2 138Mktg Researchs80TBATBA
BUS2 139Marketing Manages01TR1200 1315
BUS2 139Marketing Manages02T1500 1745
BUS2 139Marketing Manages03T1800 2045
BUS2 180FIndiv Study Mktgs01TBATBA
BUS2 190Quant Bus Analysiss01MW0900 1015
BUS2 190Quant Bus Analysiss02MW1030 1145
BUS2 190Quant Bus Analysiss03MW1200 1315
BUS2 190Quant Bus Analysiss04MW1330 1445
BUS2 190Quant Bus Analysiss05MW1330 1445
BUS2 190Quant Bus Analysiss08TR0900 1015
BUS2 190Quant Bus Analysiss09TR1200 1315
BUS2 190Quant Bus Analysiss10MW1500 1615
BUS2 190Quant Bus Analysiss11W1800 2045
BUS2 190Quant Bus Analysiss82TBATBA
BUS2 190Quant Bus Analysiss83TBATBA
BUS2 190Quant Bus Analysiss84TBATBA
BUS2 194AStatistical Analyss01TR1330 1445
BUS2 195ASpreadsheet Modelis01W1800 2045
BUS2 195BData Vizs01F0930 1215

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