RECL 010Creat Meaning Lifes01MW1030 1145
RECL 010Creat Meaning Lifes03MW1200 1315
RECL 010Creat Meaning Lifes04TR1330 1445
RECL 010Creat Meaning Lifes05TR1030 1145
RECL 010Creat Meaning Lifes06TR1030 1145
RECL 010Creat Meaning Lifes99TBATBA
RECL 015Human Life Spans01M1500 1745
RECL 015Human Life Spans02MW1200 1315
RECL 015Human Life Spans03MW1030 1145
RECL 015Human Life Spans05TR1030 1145
RECL 015Human Life Spans06TR1200 1315
RECL 090Rec Parks Tourisms01TR0900 1015
RECL 097Event Plannings01TR1200 1315
RECL 097Event Plannings02T1800 2045
RECL 100WWriting Workshops01R1500 1745
RECL 110Leisure, Lifes02MW0900 1015
RECL 111Leis Cult & Idents01MW0900 1015
RECL 112Intro to RTs01TR1330 1445
RECL 132Rec Program Plans01M1200 1445
RECL 135Rec Areas & Facilis06F0930 1215
RECL 136Rec & Park Admins01TR0900 1015
RECL 153Youth Developments01T1500 1745
RECL 155Outdoor Rec Systems02M1500 1745
RECL 157Sus Rec & Eco Tours01W1500 1745
RECL 160Eval & Res in Recs01MW1030 1145
RECL 169Practicum in RTs80TBATBA
RECL 170APre-Intern Workshps80TBATBA
RECL 170BIntern in Recs80TBATBA
RECL 170CIntern in TRs80TBATBA
RECL 180Indiv Studys01TBATBA
RECL 184Directed Readings01TBATBA
RECL 187Leisure Education s01MW1330 1445
RECL 187Leisure Education s02MW1030 1145
RECL 193RT for Phys Conds01W1500 1745
RECL 198RT Assess and Docs03M1500 1745

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